OpenPSA 9.7.0 Released


It's that time of year again..

In this release, we finalized our transition to HTTPKernel, which now handles all request/response flows. This allowed us to make numerous improvements to asset handling, most importantly, assets can now be loaded "just in time": For example, the Javascript and CSS for UI messages will now only be loaded when there is actually a UI message to render. This means that the number of HTTP requests in a typical browsing session goes down quite a bit.

HTTP headers are now handled by Symfony, too, which gives us among other things better caching behavior. All in all, MidCOM responses are now smaller and faster, and since every ony of them passes through HTTP kernel, they can use all parts of the framework, which allowed us for example to improve the first run UX significantly.

The miminum supported PHP version is now 7.0, and jQuery has been bumped to 3.4.1. Also, the initialization logic for much of our frontend Javascript was modernized, so there is a lot less flickering when pages are rendered, which improves UX.

Aside from all that, there's the usual vast array of small performance & usability improvements, cleanups and simplifications. The diffstat shows 824 files changed, 7867 insertions, and 8366 deletions. To find out more, check the repo.



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