OpenPSA 9.6.0 Released


Now with extra Symfony goodness!

As usual during those last few releases, datamanager got a number of new features, for example better image handling. Also, the form is now locked later in the process, allowing for greater programmatic control, and templates now have more control over attributes.

On the framework side, the transistion to Symfony took a big step forward with the integration of HTTPKernel, which now handles (nearly) all requests, which unlocks a number of routing
features (like validation), and makes writing handlers a lot more user friendly. It also enabled us to remove a lot more superglobals, which improves testability, and allowed us to simplify the content cache and context logic, which now use much less memory.

Also, the component interface was simplified to produce a lot less boilerplate, which should make it easier to create new components.

Another focus was the removal of a number of longstanding UI annoyances, for example bad interactions between Bootstrap and our overlay UI, so UX should be a lot smoother now.

Starting with this release, midcom-console is now part of the main repo, since it is needed for almost all usecases anyways. This allowed us to also move the majority of midcom-exec scripts to the CLI, where there are nor execution time limits and debugging/monitoring output is
generally easier. Especially the Solr integration has seen numerous improvements as a result of this.

Aside from all that, the following items may be worth mentioning:

  • update JS dependencies (elFinder, fullCalendar, CodeMirror, etc)
  • enhanced ACL editor & Deleted Object handling in Asgard
  • the usual host of simplifications, cleanups, and performance improvements

The 1372 files changed, 23658 insertions, and 23759 deletions, so there's quite a bit to play with, if you install from Packagist, or directly from the source.



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