About OpenPSA

OpenPSA started out as a project management and collaboration tool in 2004 and has since evolved into a management suite covering a number of common business processes. Since OpenPSA always had a strong focus on web agencies and consultants, it is built on a modular and extensible architecture and contains many functions for driving customer-facing pages as well.

OpenPSA Management Suite

OpenPSA provides functionality for managing many common tasks in a unified interface. It covers a project's entire lifecycle, starting from customer relations mangement via direct marketing and sales management, to hour tracking and invoicing. It also includes a number of generally useful components for blogs, wikis, calendaring, document management and others.

OpenPSA for Developers

On the technical level, OpenPSA is a PHP toolkit for building web applications for business needs. OpenPSA is designed with a strong focus on extensibility and customizability, so specialized functionality can be easily be integrated by using the component API. OpenPSA is available as free software under the terms of the LGPL license.


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OpenPSA 1.x was initially released as Open Source under the GNU GPL license by Nemein on May 8th 2004 to support the 5th anniversary of the Midgard Project. The package was originally known as Nemein.Net.

OpenPSA 2 was developed together with the MidCOM Component Framework, and became a part of the larger MidCOM distribution. The latest release of this series (8.09) was available from the Midgard PEAR channel.

OpenPSA 9.0 was moved off the MidCOM LTS infrastructure and refactored to be a standalone distribution, which runs completely in native PHP, and also still supports both Midgard 1 and Midgard 2 backends. It is developed and supported by CONTENT CONTROL and is available via Packagist.

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